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Having a single point of contact, optmizing the supply chain management

An American fully integrated supply chain.


An international buying network to arbitrate on:
- Stock;
- Currency;
- Price List.


- Order's follow up.
- Management of financial flow.


Integrated Industrial packaging company.


Freight forwarding to all destinations

About Us

International Purchase Company working with industrials products as MROs and ROVs.
Our headquarter is based in UK, where we can buy and consolidate the materials in our warehouses locate in Europe and USA.

Our job consists to save time to our customers, to make them realize savings on purchases and sourcing.
We are able to supply all kind of industrial material. Low price due to multinational customers providing significant buying volumes with the intention to develop long-term relationships.


  • Having a single point of contact, optmizing the supply chain management;
  • Procurement and Sourcing around the world searching the best price and delivery time;
  • Just 1 invoice and 1 supplier for several products of different manufacturer, reducing registered suppliers.

No burocracy, less paperworks

Industrial Sectors

  • Material and spare parts, for pumps petrol taps, petrochemistry and industrial fluids.
  • Products involving air treatment: filtration (ultrafilter, US filters, Pall), distributors Jack, Seals, Eletric and Valves.
  • Materials for measurements: manometers.
  • Refrigerating / colling equipment and spareparts: registers, filters, mechanical products, bearing belts, grease boxes.
  • Protective material: individual protection, shields, fire prevention tools.
  • Handing material: spare parts, tyres, pallet trucks, winding drum, cables.

Our Engagements

Our customers are the major oil industry; they expect us to our better responsiveness capabilities proposal forces in a reproducible quality of context and shared confidence.
This “trust” is none other than the effectiveness of the organization that we put to them. In this spirit, we commit to:

  • Better understand the needs of our customers and provide them with transparent information to better serve and retain their confidence
  • Advancing our working methods internally to improve our performance in all areas;
  • Consolidate, diversify and expand our expertise through the development of innovative solutions and feedback;
  • Promote quality management, safety and the environment in a spirit of continuous improvement;
  • Listening to all employees, ensuring motivation and fulfillment of all;
  • Developing diversity and equal opportunities;
  • Each year, a review of our quality system is conducted to improve its functioning.
  • Each year, targets are set and action plans are being made to achieve these goals.
  • I undertake personally to implement the means necessary for the realization of this policy to follow our objectives and implement our action plans. We are fully committed to this structured approach.

Contact Us

  +1 (305)-787-4228   
  3655 NW#115 AVE I MIAMI  -  FL I 33178  -  USA